“Watch yourself cause daddy’s in the house."


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9, Episode 6



I love him because he’s the only one in their lives to call their bullshit

basically saying what we’re all thinking


hey guys, so I decided to make my 2013 follow forever, here is a list of a few blogs that I’m obsessed with (I might have forgotten someone cause it’s very late and I’m sleepy - so if I forgot to put you send me an ask). I also wanted to thank ya’ll for making my tumblr experience in 2013 happier, funnier, ‘kardashianer’. I’d like to thank my followers for being so supportive and for not giving up on me even when I made those horrible edits. [the list below is in alphabetical order]

adoringkimk ♡ charlottekardashian ♡ fuckyeskhloekardashian ♡ haleslucy ♡ heckyeahkimkardashian ♡ iheartkimberlynoel ♡ kardashiankraziness ♡ kardashianlinks ♡ kendallandky ♡ kendallskylie ♡ khloekardashianfashionstyle ♡ khloekworld♡ kimkardashianfashionstyle ♡ kimkdiva ♡ kourtneyfashionstyle ♡ kyliejener ♡ kyliejennur ♡ kylieskendalls ♡ kylieskj ♡ lorddisick ♡ nicoola-s ♡ teamkourtney ♡ toddkraine ♡ ultimatekimkardashian

Mazel tov